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Cool Patch (JM-001)

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Cool Patch


Anti-Febrile Effect for up to 8 Hours

Cool patch is a hydrogel-based non-pharmaceutical product designed for temporary fever relief. Its high water content provides a continuing and anti-febrile effect for up to 8 hours. Cooling therapy is a treatment recommended by doctors. Containing no drugs, Cool Patch has no side effects, and is safe to use with medication.

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Active Ingredient
Optimal Adhesion 
Formulated with proprietary hydrogel technologies, it sticks tightly and is painless when removing.
Choice Quality Non-Woven Cloth
Medical-grade non-woven cloth offers adequate vapor permeability and conforms to facial contours easily.
 Quick Acting     Long-Lasting     Safe      No Refrigeration Needed
Size & Shape
How is it Used?
1.Remove the patch from the envelope. Peel off the protective film and attach the patch to the forehead area.
2.Cool Patch is designed to provide a continuing cooling effect for up to 8 hours. If desired, it can be moved to another site with continuing effect.
Works Fast
Cool Patch works immediately and provides instant soothing relief.
No fragrant ingredients, no side effects.
Adequate Adhesion
Sticks tightly, removes painlessly.
Works Longer
Latest controlled release technologies make Cool Patch effective for up to 8 hours.
No refrigeration is needed.
Skin Friendly
Absolutely no itching and no irritation.
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